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Adult Post Secret

A mature, fun place to confess all your secrets...

Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
Welcome to Adult Post Secret.

This community operates like _post_secret_/_postsecret_/p0stsecret only you must be 18+/mature to be a member and topics may include adult subject matter, but are not limited to that.

Members please think of questions that will invite lots of juicy secrets and/or discussions. Everyone has posting access, but please keep your posts good quality to invite good discussions.

Members may reply anonymously or not. The anonymous option is simply there for those who are more comfortable with keeping their identities from their secrets.

Important notice: As a community for adults, mature behavior is mandatory in order to keep this a positive, safe environment for members to disclose secrets without worry or shame. No drama, spelling or grammar nazis, or flame wars will be tolerated here; therefore any and all rude or disrespectful comments should be alerted to a mod. However, this community is not about censorship, therefore we do not censor general opinions of others that may be deemed offensive to some unless they are directed at a member here as an insult. Banning rarely happens, but we ask that you play nice or risk being booted. This community is about respect and fun. Therefore all opinions are accepted equally and the majority DOES have a say about how things are run.

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