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Do you have a fantasy/wish that isn't fullfilled simply due to likelihood not fear/legalities/ etc?

eg: You want tomake passionate love with an alien... but its not likely to happen because of their questionable or elusive existance. Or, you want to date a 6'7'' exactly red headed woman, but because there's not many of them its unlikely. etc.

Been a while

We haven't had a really good one in a while so, please, have at it:

Tell me a recent fantasy, or if you have one, a really taboo secret that you have been dying to tell someone for a while now.

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Do U tell your adult secret stories outside adultpostsecret?
This weekend, I crossed paths in a pub with a lady friend and she told a terrible story during Guinness – that when her husband comes home, first of all she carefully examines his dick, trying to determine by the morphological characteristics,whether he had fucked on the side. There are grounds for suspicions: one day he came from sauna roaring drunk, and when he removed the athletic pants under it was... a sheet. That is as he was in the sauna wrapped in the sheet so he put clothes over it. But the real kicker was further: when he took off the sheet, it turned out there was a condom dangling on the dick. The man molded amusing excuses to explain this circumstance, such as, "You can catch an infection in a sauna, not even fucking with prostitutes, so I have to wear a rubber." His wife fenced with a question reasonably: "Damn, how did you manage to cum inside it?"
Hmm... the story...
Yes, everything is clear, everybody has his own bees, but why talk about it to outsiders, and in public, loudly (guys at the next table were laughing out loud). Everyone who heard this story will carry it further, will write to the social networks, like me, for example, and well, if no name. I believe that such stories to be shared at the appropriate places, not in the pub. What do U think?
Sesame Street, yip yip

I can still smell her...

Yesterday I finally got to sleep with someone I've been dating since last August. It was absolutely, incredibly intense. We started with a lot of just touching each other all over, exploring each other's bodies. By the time I got her panties off and started playing with her pussy, she was absolutely soaking wet. Possibly the wettest any girl has ever been with me.

I swear I can still, just barely, smell her on my fingers today. I've showered a couple times since then. I've probably washed my hands at least seven times since then. But that sweet, musky, pussy scent just seems to be barely lingering on my first two fingers. It smells so good. It's driving me a little nuts. It makes me want to be back in bed with her again. I couldn't even concentrate in church this morning because I kept putting my hand up to my face to smell.

I want to tell her but I don't know if I should. It's a huge turn on to me but I don't want to make her self conscious. She smells fantastic. She's perfectly clean and delightful. But I've never had pussy scent linger on me so long like this. It's slightly possible I'm imagining it but I don't think so.

What would you do? Would you tell her? Girls, would you want a guy to tell you something like that? Or would you be worried that maybe something was wrong down there if a guy could still smell you on his fingers after washing them several times?

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Has anyone ever done something just to be able to say they've done it? Like, I'm being asked about a threesome with a couple but I'm not sure I want to yet..I'm meeting them tomorrow/later. I've always wanted a threesome though, so maybe I should just do it?

So has anyone done something just to cross it off the bucket list? And was it worth it?


Not funny "haha" but funny SEXY

Is there such a place online for... clown porn? This is no laughing matter. Anyone? Anyone?

No really, I have a huge clown fetish and there seems to be a lack of good clown-based sexy sites. Anyone know any free sites for this or a particular porno?

Thanks! I'm anxiously awaiting a reply ;)
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What have you used?

Miss Delight recently confessed her early masturbation tools at sonicerotica.com
"You know corn on the cob right? When we used to have corn on the cob for dinner I'd sneak one of the cobs and I'd take it into my bedroom and I'd pretty much play with it. Or we had a skittle set and one of the skittles was my little friend. I'd run away with my little red skittle and off I'd be. Once you've eaten all the corn off it's a bit scratchy and the first time it was quite scratchy and I was like,"Ah that hurts." But then I discovered stealing condoms from my mum and dad's drawer and doing it like that. I was very sexually aware of my own body when I was really young, like the very earliest I remember masturbating was when I was kind of sitting on my foot going, "Mmm that's nice." and my mom told me off. "Stop it! It's naughty! Bad girls do that!" And I was like, "Oh, maybe I'm a bad girl.""
Hear more of her sexual confessions here.

She got me wondering: have you ever used anything for masturbation that wasn't intended for that purpose?

A story and a question

If I had to put a time on it, I'd have to say it was around my freshman year of college. I had actively gotten into masturbating. Of course, with my roommate, it wasn't as easy to have a vibrator so I had to make due with whatever I could find. I soon came to realize that holding my breath to the point where I feel like I'm going to literally pass out completely intensifies an orgasm and helps me get to that point. That being said, since then, I haven't been able to orgasm without holding my breath since. Which means I haven't had an orgasm during sex since because every time I've tried to hold my breath, my partner has looked at me like I'm crazy. I tried explaining it, but they never get it. Anybody else this way or any suggestions you can offer? Thanks

A question....

I have always been into pantyhose, even as a young boy. Men wearing them, women, it doesn't matter.

Lately, I have been wearing them more and more, often with heels. I get such a sexual rush, even if I'm just masturbating. I've been posting pictures in my journal, hoping for some kind of affirmation but have received very little.

My question is this; women or men, do you find this interesting or attractive? Does anyone out there have the same reaction? How does a man in hose and heels make you feel? Do you wear them?

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